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Audi 100
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Audi 100 The 133 Miles per Gallon Car !

How efficient you can drive with a diesel fuel car

Car Company Audi introduces such with its new not so small and lightweight Audi 100 car

They prove they can drive it from the Netherland through Belgium, Luxembourg,France,Germany, Austria, Italy,Spain and again France, a total of 4800.18 kilometers

So far with just one tank of fuel, so that gave an average consumption of not more than 1.76 liter/100 Km ! World Record !

If such a car would be offered officially ! We did a Pre-test and this Pretest already showed that we are on an verage consumption well 0.522.5 liters/100 Km

that was so low, that if only we from Audi would claim this nobody would have believed us !! we are challenged and have therefore added the TÜV as a supervisor and guard and as an ambassedor of these tests and the TÜV has confirmed the Consumption of just 1.76 liters per 100 kilometers at an average speed across Europe at 60.2 kilometers per hour ! And this car is really coming to the market ? we are really convinced we will put it onto the market and we are firmly determined to do that and we will bring that onto the market next february 19900 We will probably end of January 1990 introduce the car to the media and the representatives of the media again can have a look at it and see what kind of low consumption this modern turbodiesel second generation direct injection can be driven with… its turbodiesel engine with direct injection intercooling and maybe catalyst and soot filter

Audi officials wanted to introduce this car in February of 1990 onto the European Market…But Oil lobbyists have until today succesfully prevented to have such a car on the road.. sadly…!!!