66 Plate Car Release Date

The 66 Plate is the newest car registration, but what does that mean?

Amongst the letters of every new-style car registration plate there are two numbers, and this two-digit element identifies the age of the vehicle. This is why it is so popular to have the latest numbers, because it signifies you have a brand new car. Currently, the 66 plate car release date is the newest (1st September 2016), although the numbers change every six months, so a new car registration plate isn’t the latest for long. There’s a reason for this, which we’ll come back to later.

The new-style system started on September 1st 2001, and began with the digits 51. In a nutshell, the March 1st release date sees numbers signifying the year (e.g. 02 in 2002 or 13 in 2013) and the September 1st release date sees numbers with the year, plus 50 (e.g. 51 in 2001 or 66 in 2016). So, after the 51 plate, it then moved on to the digits 02 in March 2002, 52 in September 2002, 03 in March 2003, 53 in September 2003 and so on. Obviously, this system can only last until 2050, at which point it will be revised, the DVLA says.

Before the new style of registration plate was introduced, the last letter of the registration signified the year. Consequently, when the system got to the end of the alphabet, it switched, so that the first letter of a registration plate was the age identifier. The problem was that because the age refresh came once a year (apart from towards the end of the system) instead of twice, and it was much easier to identify a new registration – and thus show off a new car – too many people were buying their cars at the same time. This caused all sorts of problems in all sorts of areas in the car industry. Also, having gone through the alphabet twice already, a new system was needed anyway. As we’ve discovered, the current system is a lot more complicated, so less people can instantly identify a brand new car – lowering the demand for cars at the changeover period.

To complete the information about the current registration plate system, you need to know what the letters mean. That’s simple. The first two letters of the registration plate signify where the car was first registered. For example, HA to HY covers all over the Hampshire and Dorset area. After the two numbers come three more letters. These are randomly assigned, and generally allotted in batches to dealerships.

Our guide to number plates:

1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s
2000 V/W/X
2001 X/Y/51
2002 02/52
2003 03/53
2004 04/54
2005 05/55
2006 06/56
2007 07/57
2008 08/58
2009 09/59
1970 H/J
1971 J/K
1972 K/L
1973 L/M
1974 M/N
1975 N/P
1976 P/R
1977 R/S
1978 S/T
1979 T/V
1980 V/W
1981 W/X
1982 X/Y
1983 Y/A
1984 A/B
1985 B/C
1986 C/D
1987 D/E
1988 E/F
1989 F/G
1990 G/H
1991 H/J
1992 J/K
1993 K/L
1994 L/M
1995 M/N
1996 N/P
1997 P/R
1998 R/S
1999 S/T/V
2000 V/W/X
2001 X/Y/51
2002 02/52
2003 03/53
2004 04/54
2005 05/55
2006 06/56
2007 07/57
2008 08/58
2009 09/59
2010 10/60
2011 11/61
2012 12/62
2013 13/63
2014 14/64
2015 15/65
2016 16/66


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