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New Audi TT RS

The most powerful production TT. Ever.

With 400PS, 480Nm of torque and a top speed of 174mph, there’s no doubt that the new Audi TT RS for 2016 is the most powerful production TT every to be produced. Arriving later this year and available in 2+2 Coupé or Roadster versions, the new TT RS continues where the previous generation left off by offering supercar thrills without the supercar bills. Packing an even more powerful punch, but still using the legendary 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder engine, on paper the TT RS isn’t that far behind the Audi R8 in terms of performance figures, despite having an engine that’s half the size.

Audi has taken the exquisite TT and added some RS performance-car credentials to it to make quite a tempting proposition. If the new Porsche 718 Cayman or the Boxster isn’t doing it for you, then the TT RS could be a tempting alternative. It may not be what some consider a traditional sports car, but if you want the latest and greatest, this could very well be it.

  • 400PS from a 2.5 litre turbocharged engine

Considering the flagship R8 creates 540PS from a 5.2 litre V10, the power generated by the 2.5 TFSI turbocharged five-cylinder engine is seriously impressive. Now generating 400PS (up from 340PS for the previous model), the TT RS can propel you to 62mph in as little as 3.7 seconds (3.9 seconds for the Roadster). Maximum torque of 480Nm is available through a wide rev range from 1,700rpm all the way to 5,850rpm, allowing you to truly enjoy every single gear.

Audi’s 2.5 litre, five-cylinder engine is an award winner for a reason – it’s very good, so good in fact it’s won ‘Engine of the Year’ six times in a row. It makes an engine note like nothing else you have ever heard, making it truly distinctive and it offers fairly decent efficiency as well, considering the amount of power it produces. Power is sent through Audi’s dual clutch S tronic transmission, which can be left in full automatic or controlled via paddles on the steering wheel.

  • Audi quattro all-wheel drive

This wouldn’t be an RS model without quattro. Audi’s legendary all-wheel drive comes as standard on every performance model to help keep you out of any hedges and to put the maximum amount of power down. This doesn’t dull down the feel whatsoever and power can be sent to either axle depending on which one needs it most, and with Audi Drive Select, the driver can influence the quattro system directly, allowing for more or less grip as required.

  • Iconic TT styling with RS credentials

Helping it stand out from the regular TT and the slightly sportier TTS, the TT RS has been given the full RS treatment. At the front, you’ll find large, gaping air intakes with an optional quattro logo to the bottom of the darkened honeycomb grille. Filling the arches are some new 19” alloy wheels, although you can upgrade to 20” if you feel they are too small. At the back of the car, you’ll find a fixed rear wing as well as Audi’s new OLED taillights.

The TT RS is the first Audi model to receive Matrix OLED (organic light emitting diode) rear lights, which offer higher contrast and require no reflectors. This allows the designers to have a bit more fun with the design, as well as generally working better than standard bulbs or even LEDs. At the front of the car, it gets full LED headlights as standard, although Audi’s Matrix LED headlights are an option – these offer full-beam levels of light all the time, as segments of the headlight turn off while oncoming traffic drives by. This way oncoming traffic is never blinded, but you can still benefit from high levels of light.

Stocky yet streamlined, the TT RS Coupé and Roadster both have an assertive, performance-based stance; the large elliptical tailpipes mounted in the rear diffuser are an instant giveaway as to the performance capabilities of the TT RS. Available in nine colours from launch including RS-specific options, the TT RS offers a vast array of personalisation options – if you’re not a fan of any of the standard colours, Audi will paint your car in any colour you like, for a price of course.

  • Race-car inspired interior

Audi is calling the interior of the TT RS a ‘cockpit’ and it’s easy to see why. Like much of the exterior, the interior has been inspired by years of motorsport and features RS-specific sports seats, as well as a new RS sport leather steering wheel, which houses two ‘satellite buttons’. One turns on and off the engine, while the other offers easy access to Audi Drive Select and the driving modes available.

There’s also the brilliant Audi Virtual Cockpit that replaces standard dials with a 12.3” digital display. Here, you’ll find the satellite navigation, infotainment information, the speedometer, rev counter – everything is housed in one very sharp, easy-to-read screen. Being an RS model, the TT RS also has a special RS mode that puts the main focus on the rev counter and includes information such as tyre pressures, torque and G-forces.

Audi TT RS

Other highlights include a Wi-Fi hotspot, MMI navigation plus, MMI touch, a Bang and Olufsen sound system and natural voice control, all the usual gadgets you’d expect in a modern day Audi.

  • Audi TT RS prices and launch date

Prices are yet to be announced, but can be expected to be around £50,000 for the Coupé and around £53,000 for the Roadster.

First orders are expected to be taken in summer 2016 with first deliveries expected by the end of 2016.

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