Best Italian Luxury Car

The best italian luxury car

We think the best Italian Luxury Car, is an SUV…

If you’re on the look out for an Italian Luxury Car, we think we have the ultimate solution. Classier than anything the Germans have on offer, more interesting than anything coming from Jaguar – if you want a combination of Italian style and timeless class, we think we may have the solution. Bear with us, it’s not exactly what you would expect, but this is the latest luxury offering from Italy and you’re going to want one.

  • Our best Italian Luxury car of choice – the Maserati Levante

  • Wait. What? Have you lost your mind?

Quite possibly, but stay with us while we explain. First, let’s think about what we mean by luxury when we’re looking for a luxurious car. It’s got to be quiet, comfortable and go the extra mile when it comes to comfort. Rolls Royce offers champagne sets, Range Rover will fit yours with a bar if you really want, but does this class as luxury or is it just adding alcohol to a car? If you stop off for a case of wine, does that make your Fiesta luxurious? Nope. Think about who does luxury the best, Jaguar? Mercedes? Bentley? They’re all very comfortable and luxurious cars, but no one does it like the Italians. Have you ever been inside a Quattroporte? You won’t find alcantara and roll cages, you’ll find the finest leather and actually a very sumptuous experience, all this in a car with a V8 and it can hit 62mph from a standstill in 4.7 seconds. 

  • Yeah, but the Levante isn’t a car…

Neither is the Range Rover, the Cayenne, the Bentayga… Yet all of these are fine examples of luxurious (and in some cases, sporty) cars. The problem is none of these are Italian and it’s true – no one does luxury like the Italians. Ferrari is focused on performance which is good because that’s what they do best, Lamborghini isn’t going to go subtle any time soon, but Maserati is different, like the Italian Aston Martin of the world. They make fast cars but that’s not really why you buy one, you buy one because it’s an experience in itself.

  • Ok, so it’s an Italian Range Rover

Not quite – you won’t find the Levante around Mayfair, it’s too cool for that. The Maserati Levante is the type of car you wouldn’t mind cruising down to the South of France in with the sat nav turned off, so that you can enjoy it for longer. It’s a unique car in that it is part GT, part SUV and part sports car, taking the best bits from each and combining them into something very different. Available with a three-litre V6 petrol or diesel, the Levante sounds as good as it goes. 0-62mph comes in a modest 5.2 seconds, but this car isn’t about off-the line pace, it’s about a delicate balance between sportiness and luxury.

‘When something fast comes along, we slow down’

  • How much are we talking then?

As of writing (March 2016) prices haven’t been announced, but don’t expect them to be ridiculous. Think potentially sub-Range Rover, which means more money left over for options. In terms of the Maserati line up, the Levante sits above the entry-level Ghibli which suggests it’s not going to cost more than an equivalent Quattroporte, speaking of which, that’s also a very fine car, but try enjoying that luxury on the pot-hole tarnished roads of Britain, the Levante will just sail over them.

  • I still need convincing…

There are better cars out there than the Levante. The Jaguar F-PACE, for example is more composed, more dynamic and some may even go as far as saying more pleasing on the eye. The Range Rover is the obvious all-round choice and the Cayenne is much more performance focused. But if you’re after true luxury with the finest materials and handmade bits and pieces, you need to go Italian and right now the Levante can’t be beaten. Sure the Quattroporte is equally as composed, but only on roads, take it near anything bumpy and you’re going to feel it. The Levante meanwhile is an excellent refined choice, well, anywhere.

Think we’re talking a Levante of rubbish? Let us know…

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