Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 Photos

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 Photos

Take a look at our gallery of all the cars from all the brands

The Goodwood Festival of Speed 2016 was possibly one of the best years yet for not just the cars that went up the hill climb, but for the number of new cars making their debut. Even with a car park that looked more like a rally stage that meant a lot of the cars on display has interiors covered in mud, the festival attracted mass numbers of people who when they weren’t watching Jenson Button or Keanu Reeves take to the track, were getting a first-hand look at the latest cars headed to a showroom near you soon.

We were there during the Moving Motor Show reporting live with our findings of the day to bring you a first look at all the latest cars worth knowing about. With so many new cars yet to be released making an appearance, we’ve rounded up our Top 10 Cars Worth Waiting For, so if you’re in the market for something new this year, be sure to check it out.

We came away from Goodwood FOS with over a thousand photos of all the cars from all of the stands and we’ve put all the best bits together into our mega image gallery below. Forget the track and the historic cars for now and take a look below at what the manufacturers have in store for you very soon.

  • Audi at #FOS

Audi promised us with no less than nine brand new model debuts over the weekend and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Suprisingly, the highlight of the biggest stand of the show was the new Audi Q2 that we have been watching very closely. It’s been hailed as a stylish alternative to the MINI Countryman and after having a very good look, we can confirm it is everything we hoped for.

Other new models on the stand included the recently unveiled new Audi S5 Coupé that has really stepped up the game in terms of interior quality. Outside may not that different from the outgoing model, but as a package it’s much more refined and takes the best bits from the A4 and puts them inside a sleek, sublime new body.

The new Audi R8 V10 Spyder also attracted a lot of attention and rightly so. It sat next to the new Audi SQ7 which is a fine alternative to a Range Rover Sport with its diesel bi-turbo V8 with maximum torque from just 1,000 rpm.
Audi didn’t tell us the limited edition Audi R8 Selection 24h would be there – one of just 24 available in the world. This was flanked by the new Audi TT RS Coupé that looks much better in person than it has done in some press photos.

Other debuts worth mentioning included the A4 allroad and the new A3 range that now sits inline with the latest interior and exterior design language from Audi.

  • BMW at #FOS

As the main brand for this years Goodwood Festival of Speed, BMW had not one but two stands. The first was aimed more at the hybrid and electric vehicles BMW have on offer included the limited edition i8 Protonic Red Edition that took centre stage. The recently unveiled Vision Next 100 concept wasn’t there but there was a 3D augmented reality version of it.

The main attraction was the BMW M Avenue that included many historic M cars including the M1, 2002 Turbo and an e30 M3. The highlights from the new models came in the way of the new M2 Coupé that has been receiving incredible reviews and rightly so. A compact M car that takes what was so good about the 1 M Coupé and brings it up to date with a proper M badge. Next to it was the M4 GTS, a lightweight, water injected version of the M4 Coupé that costs more than an i8 and has already sold out.

This M4 GTS was in white that suits the car better than the grey we’ve seen before. It helps the orange accents stand out and the wheels seem better suited to the lighter colour. Inside is sparse as you’d expect with a roll cage taking up where the rear seats used to be and alcantara and carbon fibre being the material of choice. Surprisingly the infotainment is still generous and includes a large centre display.

Interestingly sat behind the M2 was a BMW Individual M3 Saloon. BMW Individual is similar to Audi’s ‘Exclusive’ program and allows you to choose from additional colour pallets at a cost. This M3 Saloon was dressed in green and certainly stood out from everything else.

  • Jaguar Land Rover at #FOS

The Jaguar Land Rover stand is by far the most interactive of all the manufacturers at Goodwood FOS. Not only can you be taken drifting in an F-Type or be shown exactly what a Land Rover can do with an off road course, you can drive miniature versions with radio controlled courses of the bigger attractions.

In terms of new models on display, the Jaguar F-Pace took centre stage of the Jaguar half of the stand. This was the range-topping S model and is genuinely as good as the motoring press has been making it our to be. Finished in white on the outside, inside was much more adventurous with red leather accents over black leather and all of the added extras you’d expect from Jaguar.

Also on display was the F-Type SVR although slightly disappointingly this was somewhat tucked away behind everything else. It was at a narrow area of the stand which made getting a good view of it difficult, but when you did it was worth the awkward nudging past strangers. It sits low and taught with much more aero than the standard F-Type. The rear carbon fibre wing is tasteful as is the interior, it still feels Jaguar without becoming too track-focused like the XKR-S GT did.

Over on the Land Rover side of the stand was the Range Rover Evoque Convertible. The standard Evoque is a fine SUV and a great move by Range Rover but the convertible version is going into unchartered waters. Still, it attracted a crowd and a lot of conversation with the staff on the Land Rover stand.

At the other end of the scale was a full-loaded Range Rover Autobiography with every option ticked. Larger than the standard Range Rover Sport, it features a split tailgate and sumptuous luxury that not many other manufacturers have been able to recreate.

Behind this was the new Range Rover Sport SVR. Around the same price as the Range Rover Autobiography but much more performance-focused. This is the first SVR model to come out of Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations and it truly is sublime. The interior is business as usual, very comfortable, very well equipped with a hint of performance with carbon fibre inlays. The exterior isn’t too brash or shouty either, unlike the supercharged V8 under the bonnet. Two were on display, one in a fetching blue/purple and another in a burnt orange.

  • Honda at #FOS

Easily the most created stand of the event, Honda went for a Fischer Price toy car garage theme and pulled it off tremendously. Apparently it took nearly a month to build and gauging from the public’s reaction it was all completely worth it. This did well to cover up the fact that no new models were on display this year with no more new cars expected from Honda apart from the release of the NSX. The Civic Type R was there as well as a World Touring Car version, the CR-V Black Edition, HR-V and Jazz finished off Honda’s modest line up of cars.

The NSX made an appearance in possibly the nicest colour we’ve seen it in so far. While the red and white have been fine, this deep purple blue hue suited the futuristic NSX very well and offset the chrome nicely.

But look past the cars on display and as an attraction the Honda stand won our admiration. It was a lot of fun with lots of games and prices on offer.

  • Volkswagen at #FOS

Volkswagen were celebrating 40 years of the Gti name and so the stand was adorned with some of the most famous Gti models including a Mk1 Golf Gti, Mk3 and the latest Golf Gti Clubsport S Edition 40. Having these models side by side shows just how much hot hatches have evolved but also how much has stayed the same. The cars themselves have gotten bigger, safer and more luxurious, but the idea of a fun, fast, practical hatchback still very much remains.

The highlight of the stand was a Golf GTE Sport concept. An electric coupé-esque model with one of the most innovative interiors we’ve seen using perspex ‘layers’ for the dials on the dashboard. It looked good and shows that VW is serious about an electric future but also about keeping a performance aspect.

Other models on display included the new Tiguan in R line trim. By no means a performance crossover but one with impressive looks inspired by the Volkswagen Golf R. Speaking of which it was a little disappointing not to see any R models on display. Rumour had it that VW would unveil a special edition, potentially a road-going Golf R 400 there wasn’t any sign of this from what we could see.

  • McLaren at #FOS

Our morning actually began with the McLaren stand after signing on at the media centre, hidden away behind the paddock containing all the racing legends. Each model had its own plinth surrounded by glass to give each model true hero status. The theme of the stand was James Hunt and his racing days at McLaren, but our focus was on the new models on show that included the 570S.

Potentially the supercar bargain of the century it has receive numerous five star reviews. In reality it looks much smaller than you’d expect of a supercar, much more R8 size that sits it inline with the higher-end Porsche 911s nicely. Next to the 570S was the new 570GT that is the most luxurious McLaren yet. With all of the models so far concentrating on speed, the markets have been asking for a slightly tamer version and McLaren have responded with the GT. Still equally as stunning, but with a plush interior and some (minimal) storage space.

Another new model highlight was the 675LT Spider, the open-top version of the incredible 675LT Coupé. LT stands for ‘long tail’ and it is an upscaled version of the ‘5 series’ McLarens. As you would expect it’s been made in limited numbers and all have been sold.

  • Chevrolet at #FOS

Tempting us in with a milkshake café, the Chevy stand was as loud and shouty as you’d expect it to be. Adorned with classic Camaros and Stingrays it was easily apparent that this was Chevrolet’s main push. The brand has very much fizzled our here in the UK after Chevrolet took over from where Daewoo left off, and so to compete against the new Ford Mustang, Chevrolet have decided to bring the Camaro to the UK.

As you’d expect from Chevrolet, the Camaro is a big, loud muscle car with a big, loud V8. It’s one of the only alternative muscle car choices here in the UK aside from the Mustang and while the quality isn’t quite up to scratch, we are sure owners will have a lot of fun with it. Inside there was a convertible version and the new, edgier styling brings the Camaro up to date.

  • Bentley at #FOS

Bentley had a fine line up of cars on display that included the Mulsanne Speed, Continental GT, Continental Black Edition and of course the new Bentayga. As Bentley’s first SUV it had a lot to live up to based on it’s range of successful models so far, but how would this translate into the SUV market?

Ignoring the incredible price for now, the Bentayga looks as though it has been a success. It is by no means the most dynamic looking SUVs, but it doesn’t look bad either. The design language has been translated well from the rest of the range with out simply ‘inflating’ the design to fit into a SUV body.

The rear is suprisingly sporty with a large roof spoiler and diffuser housing two very large exhausts, but it’s the inside that is by far the most impressive. It’s typical Bentley as usual with every material being of only the very finest of quality. This particular model had black leather with a light stitching that was classy and tasteful compared to some of the combinations available over on the special interior stand that showed just what combinations were possible.

The quilted leather may not be to everyone’s tastes, but it certainly was comfortable with plenty of space for those in the back. Interestingly although the middle seat could be used as an armrest with drinks holder, it was a fully functional seat with seatbelt making this a true five-seater unlike a lot of high-class SUVs on the market so far.

  • Lexus at #FOS

The first model we noticed on the Lexus stand wasn’t any of the new models at all but instead the LFA, a V10 carbon fibre hyper car that apparently inspired the new LC 500 which is why it was there. Interestingly a lot of the crowd were drawn to the LFA rather than the new model that replaces it.

The Lexus LC is by no means a hyper car but it does look good. Lexus’ design language is very sharp and angular and of all the models so far the LC pulls it off the best. The design is very experimental and you won’t see anything else like it on the road and we have to say it does look good. Unusually the LC was locked and so we weren’t allowed a proper look at the interior but it seemed typical Lexus quality. The rear is very taut and muscular and dare we say possibly one of the best looking Lexus’ since the LFA?

  • Mazda at #FOS

The Mazda brand has been rejuvenated over the last few years with each new model becoming better looking than the last. The aim of this is to bring the average age of their audience down with new and exciting models and this year taking centre stage was the new MX-5 RF or ‘retractable fastback’. It’s essentially a convertible hard top version of the exceptional MX-5 soft top and it has definitely lived up to the hype.

Finished in an exclusive new colour saved for the RF, it had a somewhat supercar look to it with the coupé silhouette remaining with the roof removed. The RF is not a full-on convertible like the standard MX-5 with the rear B pillars remaining even with the roof down, but it arguably looks much more upmarket.

Another debut was the MX-5 Icon, a new special edition with a slightly sportier exterior, red accents and some additional standard equipment. Through out the life span of the previous MX-5 there were numerous special edition and this is the second after the Sport Recaro Edition. It starts at £20,995 just £2,500 more than the basic standard model and if you prefer something a little different it looks great value.

  • Renault at #FOS

Renault was another manufacturer to be hosting a range of public debuts including the new Twingo GT. A ‘warmer’ version of the standard Twingo, it features a sportier exterior and slightly more powerful engine and comes ever closer to the performance Twingo we’ve been hoping for.

On the other side of the stand was the new Megane Sport Tourer in new top-spec GT trim. Quality was surprisingly good with a large, portrait centre screen similar to that of a Tesla and sporty blue accents and ambient lighting helped to being the interior to life. The GT feels semi-sporty as well with front sports alcantara seats and a sports steering wheel.

The new Scenic was also there and adopts Renault’s latest design language. It is starting to look slightly more crossover than MPV which is a good thing with an ever-shrinking MPV market. Inside the quality is on par with the Megane with ambient lighting, a portrait centre touchscreen and ambient lighting.

  • Mini at #FOS

The main debut from Mini this year was the new John Cooper Works Challenge Edition, a model created with Evo Magazine and made to be the most hardcore Mini yet. It’s limited to just 100 models and one of those was on the stand at Goodwood. From the outside it may go unnoticed but with all of the JCW extras added to it we expect it to be a lot of fun on a track day.

Other new models included the new Mini ‘7 Edition’ that adds a classy exterior and interior finish inspired by the original. We expect to see a lot more special editions throughout the Mini’s life time but as a first this model looks promising. It adds a lot of extras you’d otherwise need to specify yourself and comes in a tasteful colour scheme as well.

On the other side of the stand was the new John Cooper Works Convertible. Mini at its most fun it looked impressive and was attracting a crowd. The highlight feature though may not be its performance, but the rain warner app function that tells you when you might want to think about putting the roof up.

Centre stage was the Mini Superleggera Vision concept. We’ve seen it may times before but it’s always a welcome insight into the possibilities of Mini’s future. A more upmarket speedster with a beautiful aluminum dashboard it is one of Mini’s best concepts to date.

  • Tesla at #FOS

Unsurprisingly the Tesla stand was incredibly busy with everyone wanting a look at what could possibly be one of the coolest car manufacturers around. The new Model X was there falcon doors open and was easily one of the most sat-in cars of the whole festival. It’s impressive and worth the hype that has lead up to its debut with room for six in silent luxury.

The falcon doors are a key selling point to the Model X and in practice they seem to work well. Unnecessary perhaps, but for a company that tries to do everything differently a brilliant departure from the norm wherever possible.

Other models on display included a number of Model S in varying colours and interior specifications. Quality is up there with the best and as always with Tesla it was a refreshing change from everything else on show at the festival with large 17-inch touchscreen displays and talk of ‘Ludicrous mode’ and the new Model X’s ‘Bioweapon Defense mode’, all fantastic marketing talk for a go-faster button and an in-built HEPA air conditioning filter.

Nissan at #FOS

You may be forgiven for thinking that the Nissan stand may be one of the least exciting on display, but you would be wrong. The stand was one big monument to the new Nissan GT-R that has been around for a while now but has continued to enjoy success. The latest version has mild styling tweaks that bring the exterior up to date but the main focus has been the interior.

For a car of this price customers may expect a more luxurious place to be and Nissan has responded. The model on display featured an interesting caramel and black leather upholstery with carbon fibre inlays and instantly made the interior feel a little more up market. Next door was the Nismo version that continues to add even more occasion to the already phenomenal GT-R.

Around the back of the stand and away from the virtual reality experience inside was three legendary Skylines that have taken the GT-R to where it is today. This included a beautiful 1972 Nissan Skyline GT-R, the first to be wear the now legendary name as well as an equally rare 1998 Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 400. Also on display was the current GT-R’s predecessor, the 2002 R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R in a very rare V-Spec R1 specification. It seemed Nissan was very much determined to remind people of it’s performance history and they did so beautifully.

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