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The Renault Koleos returns to the UK

Renault will soon have a three-strong Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) line-up when the Koleos MkII is reintroduced to the UK, and with the previous, first generation Koleos not having been on sale here since 2010, it will certainly have been a long time coming.

  • Well-proven underpinnings beneath a fresh new face

The Koleos shares much of its mechanical makeup with the current Nissan X-Trail. Renault promises “unparalleled four-wheel drive technology”, yet it’s highly likely that only select models will receive this, with the majority having the far more humble front-wheel drive. Petrol and diesel engines will be taken from the current Renault and Nissan line-up, with the 1.6litre dCi engine likely to be the mainstay of the range. Six-speed manual and X-Tronic automatic transmissions will be offered.

Renault describes the styling as powerful and muscular and the Koleos is perhaps the biggest departure from the current Renault design language than we’ve seen since it was introduced on the Clio in 2012. However, as Renault design guru, Laurens van den Acker has said, the Koleos is “every inch an SUV and every inch a Renault”.

It has genuine off-road credentials to back up those purposeful SUV looks, including a ground clearance of 213mm, yet the maker is keen to stress that the Koleos will be the equal of any equivalent-class saloon car in terms of refinement and such like. Indeed, this Renault SUV boasts a refined, comfortable interior with technology and design amongst the very best in its category, Renault states.

There’s class-leading cabin space, including 289mm of rear knee room and a generous 624-litre boot that expands to 1,690 litres with the rear seats folded. There is also an 11-litre glovebox and numerous other storage solutions around the cabin. Despite benefiting from such a spacious cabin, however, oddly there are currently no plans for a seven-seat version.

Equipment such as the R-Link 2 multimedia tablet is shared with other high-end Renault models, along with features like heated and ventilated seats, LED interior lighting, digital dials and a seven-inch touchscreen display. Safety technology will figure strongly: active emergency braking, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition and tiredness detection will all be available. The Renault Koleos specification will certainly be generous, that’s for sure.

The Koleos not only completes Renault’s SUV line-up, but also this now four-strong, high-end model range, comprising the crossover Espace, the large saloon Talisman, the estate Talisman, and now the 2016 Koleos. It has had periods of being all but absent from this end of the market, but Renault is certainly returning to it with no small amount of style.

  • Renault Koleos release date and prices

The current Koleos has enjoyed strong sales in foreign markets such as China and the new Koleos is surely destined to continue this success. This is reflected in the release date procedure of the new model, with sales beginning in most countries at the end of 2016, whereas Europe will have to wait until the beginning of 2017 to see the Renault’s range-topping SUV. Prices have yet to be announced.

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