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The BMW M2 is a fast, wild and exciting drive, yet also offers good value and surprising practicality

If you’re in the market for a relatively compact performance car that you can live with daily but also provides huge performance and thrills, the BMW M2 is one of the best cars on the market. Combining sports car kicks with four-seater practicality, it’s a highly talented all-rounder. BMW M2 reviews are all in agreement: this is BMW M at its best, and that should say all you need to know about this small coupé. Read on if you want to know more, however…

What do the reviews say?

The BMW M2 could be described as being a return to form for the M department, after the disappointing reception the most recent M3 saloon and M4 coupé have received. Based on the rear-wheel drive, four-seater 2 Series coupé, the M2’s upgrades come from a mixture of sources. For example, it gets a modified version of the M240i’s single turbo straight-six engine, using M4 components, as well as the M4’s active differential and brakes, while also enjoying bespoke suspension parts and bodywork. The result is a car with the DNA of the M4 but, new car reviews state, nevertheless a unique character of its own.

What’s it like on the road?

The BMW M2 is one of the most thrilling road cars to drive, almost regardless of price point. Huge straight-line performance, grip and body control means this is a very capable sports car that can astonish with its ground covering abilities. Yet it doesn’t come at the cost of user friendliness, with the M2 remaining predictable, controllable and adjustable even at high speeds. This adds up to a highly entertaining and engaging car that provides accessible performance and thrills.

Despite the performance, the ride is surprisingly supple, the engine is smooth, quiet and tractable, and noise levels are perfectly acceptable. The small dimensions mean the M2 is manoeuvrable and not at all intimidating, as well, unlike some bigger sports cars. You can use the M2 daily and not suffer any compromises for its more aggressive, sports-orientated character.

Which engine is the best for me?

There is only one engine available, but the verdicts of all reviews suggest you won’t want anything else. The 370hp turbocharged straight-six engine responds brilliantly, with very little lag, huge amounts of low-and mid-range surge and a linear power delivery, while providing an appealing, if not hugely exciting, multi-cylinder noise. The result is 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds with the standard six-speed manual gearbox and 4.5 seconds with the optional seven-speed DCT automatic. It’s reasonably economical as well, capable of up to 33.2mpg combined with the manual and up to 35.8mpg combined with the automatic.

Will it be nice to live with?

Reviews suggest the M2’s interior doesn’t differentiate itself enough from lower-spec 2 Series, or justify its price compared to similar cars. However, broadly speaking it’s a nicely design and well put together interior, with the addition of alcantara and carbon-fibre trim and M tricolour stitching lifting the ambience a little more. The technology included in the M2’s price is good, too, and includes BMW Professional sat nav, Bluetooth phone and audio connectivity, DAB radio, automatic climate control, auto lights and wipers and climate control.
Taken into account the performance and entertainment that it provides, the M2 is a remarkably practical proposition. It’s not quite as spacious in the rear as its hot hatches competitors, but at least it does provide rear seats – unlike sports car rivals. And the boot is usefully large, its 390 litre capacity actually bigger than a Golf’s. For a coupé the opening is reasonably large, too. The steering wheel and sports seats, which are grippy and supportive, offer a good amount of adjustment, so it’s easy to get comfortable.

What about the sensible stuff?

Based on the 2 Series, which is itself based on the 1 Series that scored a five star Euro NCAP rating, there’s no reason to believe the M2 shouldn’t be any less protective than its relatives. Beware turning traction control off on wet roads, however. As for reliability, the BMW brand doesn’t score as highly as you’d hope in owner satisfaction surveys, although the 1 Series does. Also, the M3 and M4 aren’t known for having reliability issues.

How about the costs?

The M2 represents great value for money, considering the breadth of its abilities. It may be more expensive than the high-end hot hatches that it competes with, such as the Audi RS3 and Mercedes A45 AMG, but its stylish and far more distinctive coupé body style gives it added desirability. And compared to the less practical, two-seater Porsche Cayman, the M2 offers a significant saving. Running costs should be reasonable as well, certainly competitive with its rivals.


“The M2 is a fun and deeply enjoyable package.”  Read more...

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“If you’re on the lookout for a performance biased compact coupé, the BMW M2 offers a great blend of talents.”  Read more...

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Top Gear Coupé of the Year, 2016.

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