The Iconic Mercedes Benz W123 300D

W123 300D

The W123 Mercedes Benz Range Arguably one of the greatest Mercedes of all time.

If you have owned one chance’s are you’d probably agree.

You call this car the W one two three this is when Mercedes was a Mercedes and they named their chassis coach after Sesame Street sponsors the 300 CD is the coupe version of the 300 D, and the 300 D is the one everybody wants.

Everybody wants the 300 turbo diesel wagon, so this is as far as the most desirable version of the D that you can want because this is the Coupe that’s what CD stands for the Coupe diesel, but there’s no turbo in this it’s just an inline five-cylinder diesel with no turbo so that means it’s very slow the engine is a 3-liter five-cylinder

Designated on six one seven naturally aspirated 79 horsepower at 4,000 rpm and 125-pound feet of torque at 2400 rpm does. 59 KW at 4000 rpm and 179 NM.

It gets out of its own way sure does it get up to speed very fast? No, is it comfortable? very is it well-built you have no idea to put this in perspective when the 300 CD when this particular 300 CD was new in 1978 it retailed for about $25,000 adjusted for inflation to 2018 that is $95,000 this is the equivalent of a $110,000 car today?

So what does it feel like to drive like a suit of lead it feels like I’m driving Chernobyl sarcophagus but it feels just like a Mercedes today even the light switch on the left side of the steering wheel looks just like the light switch on a modern Mercedes today so what did a 25 thousand dollar car get you in 1978?

You got your air conditioning and it got you mechanical climate control 1978 when most cars didn’t come with air conditioning and some big American cars did I mean it certainly wasn’t a standard option air conditioning back then was an expensive option air conditioning was something you bragged about

Just like Mercedes today when they break they break catastrophically. But most don’t break at all that’s just the thing to love about a W123.

The Non-Turbo W123 was slower than a snail so Mercedes rushed out the turbocharged five-cylinder diesel in 1978 because greed and patience made lousy roommates. Power and torque figures went up drastically 123 bhp or 92 kW @ 4350 rpm and 250 Nm or 184 lb.ft @ 2400 rpm.

Mercedes in the late 70s you didn’t even have to say what kind it was something special and upper, class Mercedes-Benz 300 CD likes to go 50 miles an hour it just gets at that speed and stays People who drove this Mercedes in the 70s had enough money not to be in a hurry it was a car for high rollers and Family Circus readers in the 1970s.

A w123 sounds nice in theory and it says Mercedes out in front but today it’s decidedly average you can boast all day about having a diesel-powered Mercedes Benz but at some point, this carriage is still going to turn back into a pumpkin because you will never stop repairing it

I get it that’s the point and there’s a great fan base around the 300 series and the w123 they’re never going to completely fall out of style because again this was when Mercedes was Mercedes there’s a block of German steel and they’re revered for the the same reason American iron in the 50s as revered if you know what you’re doing it will last forever but look at it it’s nice just nice it can roll up anywhere it’s the niceness of an uncle who’s not particularly great but you know there are worse people than him so hmm and he’s good for 25 dollars every Christmas talking about Mercedes Benz these days it’s hard to get around the sword of Damocles hanging with money above your head you can be disappointed by one and you can be disappointed by the repairs but manage your expectations you’ll be less likely to find yourself overcome with regret like when you pour your heart out over your ex one night and never get a response but then you see it there in the corner of the message window seen at 11:06 p.m.

I salute you w123 owners you’re doing the gods work and I hope someday that Mercedes-Benz can get back to simplistic laudable engineering drive this car somewhere else let’s takea road trip by ourselves we’ll avoid your highway and we’ll split the cost of diesel gas have to worry ever again I can tell that we are gonna drop I can tell that we are gonna drive ends